Newton Service Team

The Newton Service Team (NST) has been in business for over 30 years and is an industry leading Tenant Representative within Commercial Real Estate. Call us 714.564.7130 to start your free consultation.

The Lee Advantage

The Newton Service Team is a team within the Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Services umbrella. We operate out of the Lee & Associates - Orange office where our local expertise can be utilized with a national reach. Lee & Associates mission and world class service match closely with NST's core believes and service guarantee. Learn More

The Space Formula

The Newton Service Team (NST), a Commercial Real Estate team under the Lee & Associates umbrella, represents their client’s needs through a unique process called The Space Formula™.  The originator of the team and developer of The Space Formula, David Newton, created the process 30 years ago to easily identify the client’s needs through the entire process of tenant representation.  The Space Formula™ has five (5) detailed sections which help determine solutions for each client and create value for the client’s company.  The five (5) sections are named Right Fit, Collecting the Data, The Negotiated Solution, The Life of the Lease and Measuring the Progress.

Tenant Representation

Tenant Representation is a type of Brokerage where an agent focuses solely on the needs of a tenant, rather than being tied to the lessor or landlord. Tenant reps are the leasing industry's equivalent to a buyer's broker on the sale side of the industry. While the underlying principles might seem straightforward, the benefits of working with a CRE expert that is tied to you run deep. Continue reading...

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