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Tenant representation is exactly what it sounds like. It is a type of commercial real estate brokerage where an agent focuses solely on the needs of a tenant, rather than being tied to the lessor or landlord. Tenant reps are the leasing industry's equivalent to a buyer's broker on the sale side of the industry. While the underlying principles might seem straightforward, the benefits of working with a CRE expert that is tied to you run deep.

The WHOLE Truth

When an agent works for a landlord, he or she has an obligation to show you one potential property -- the one that he or she is representing. Whether that site is a good one for you or a bad one and whether it's a bad deal or an attractive one, that agent is bound to represent his client's interests by selling you on the site. He might be nice to you. He might seem helpful. And he might even seem like he's telling you the whole truth by highlighting certain issues with the site he represents. But he isn't telling you the whole truth.

The whole truth gets discovered when you look at potential location in conjunction with other locations. Even if you know everything good and bad about a site, you don't necessarily know how it compares with other potential locations. Part of a tenant representation broker's job is to find multiple sites for you and help you compare them. That way, you get the truth about the market as a whole so that you can not just choose a good location, but choose the best one relative to the others.

Whose Side Are You On?

Your tenant representation specialist has only one party's interest in mind -- yours. Since they work for you, they are charged to aggressively respect your interests in the negotiating process. They keep your confidences and push for terms that meet your needs, instead of the landlords.

Working with a landlord rep, on the other hand, puts you in a weaker position. While they owe you a basic standard of good care in many states, at the end of the day, the landlord is signing their checks. As such, their loyalty is already resting with the other side.

A Cost Benefit Analysis

Between the knowledge, negotiating and service benefits, tenant representation can potentially save you thousands or millions of dollars over working with landlord representatives. Given the value that tenant reps add, you might expect to pay them a sizable service fee for what they do for you.

However, working with a tenant rep is almost always free for you. Their commission gets paid by the landlord or the landlord's broker. If you weren't working with a tenant rep, the other broker would just get both sides of the fee. As such, the cost benefit analysis is almost always a no-brainer. Tenant representation wins.

Tenant Rep

In-Depth Market Knowledge

The Newton Service Team is committed to providing the best data and analysis for the local market it serves.  As a result, we have made specialized market knowledge and research central to our business practice.

Single Point of Contact

You have a single point of contact to manage the process of securing new facilities, from site evaluation through lease or purchase negotiations to managing and administering leases through The Space Formula Process.

No Conflict of Interest

We represent the interests of the tenant.  That means each transaction is viewed objectively, using the entire scope of market data available to optimize property selection and negotiations.

Time Savings

We conduct the time-consuming legwork which saves you valuable time and effort.  From identifying potential locations to counseling you through the negotiation process, The Newton Service Team saves you the time required to deal with multiple property owners, landlords and real estate brokers who want to “sell” a specific property.


We prepare financial analyses for each viable option.  We are committed to securing a well-designed and competitively priced business facility that will reduce your occupancy costs.  Our involvement in the financial analysis and market knowledge create a competitive negotiating environment with landlords and their agents.

Ethical Standards

We operate under the highest ethical principles, utilizing integrity and a code of ethics extending well above real estate established standards.  Utmost discretion and client confidentiality provides our clients with a sense of trust.  This trust has enabled us to maintain and expand our client base over the years.

David Newton has been  awarded the distinguished Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR).  David is also a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and is held to a higher ethical standard than required by other real estate related designations.

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